The lack of a remote controller in Chromecast can be a problem. People use Chromecast mostly for streaming services like Netflix and HBO GO from their smartphone. When there are friends or children who want to watch a show while you have to go somewhere, it is difficult to lend a phone for others. CC remote allows Chromecast owners to have a remote controller without purchasing other media player.
Powered by Android TV OS, CC Remote replaces smartphones. Everyone in front of a TV can enjoy the same experience with one device.
CC Remote has guts of a smartphone for the full functionality of a streaming device. 
Fingerprint Sensor
The home button has a fingerprint sensor. The sensor can be used to log in or apply personalized settings.
LED lights on the bottom indicate battery status. The clickable touch pad allows navigation with ease.
CC Remote has a rechargeable battery which charges through a USB type C port.
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