Underwater Communication
We all know communication underwater is challenging. Currently, divers use hand signs, and they plan out the activity before the dive to reduce confusion. A few commercial divers use wireless transmitters; however, these devices are expensive and advanced for most people.
Accidents in Scuba Diving
Many divers experience panic underwater. It could happen from a sudden attack from marine animals, obstruction of vision and equipment failure. Especially in an emergency, non-verbal communication has its limits. 
Target User
When verbal communication becomes affordable, these types of users can benefit from it. 
Dive Master
Diving master supervises students and guides recreational divers. They could teach a lesson and give a verbal guide during a tour. 
Underwater Rescue
During a mission, the rescuer must communicate with the victim to make the rescue easier. Potentially, they could give verbal instruction to the victim. 
Recreational Diving and Snorkelling
Even in casual underwater activities, communication is desirable to share experiences between friends. 
With an underwater megaphone system, multiple listeners can hear without devices. 
Underwater Hearing
To establish verbal communication underwater, we need to understand how hearing works. Hearing differs underwater, as people hear through sound-waves that vibrate the skull. Our hearing ability changes in the temperature of the water and the frequency of the sound. 

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Prototyping and Testing
An underwater speaker was built and tested in various audio preset to test the feasibility of the concept. After multiple attempts, a clear speech was achieved from 6 m distance, which is a usual gap between divers in a group dive. 
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Final Design
The battery is easily removable through a release tab. When inserted, it is compressed against a rubber ring to form a watertight seal. The battery can be recharged with a charger. 
A quick-release buckle clip allows Vox to be mounted anywhere securely. The clip fastens to the body through a universal camera screw.
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