The objective of the project was to design an LED product that solves everyday issues. The project started with research on applications of lights.  From the exercise of consciously searching for lights, we discovered the presence of lights in our surroundings. This helped us not to forget about lights, such as emergency lights, which are invisible to us normally. We conducted an analysis in use cases and varying dimensions of light. Interesting insights and ideas were generated through the exercise in a group.  After discussions with the group, I decided to design for the interaction of lights with children. 
As a child who was scared of the dark, I focused on wayfinding at home. The problem is caused by a location of light switches at home. They are located around 4 feet off from the ground, making access difficult for children. For the light to be useful, a strong bond of connection with a user was required. Multiple ideations were generated to create trust and attachment. 
In the early stage of design, the product was more of a cute toy for children. To provide engagement for a user, several forms of interaction were presented. In search of activity for children, the project direction included the integration of nature and using it as a building block. 

Inspirations came from activities in camping. Roasting marshmallows and building structures out of spaghetti and marshmallows. 
The refracting property of frosted plastic was explored through sandblasting acrylic tubing. LED unit was placed inside to test the appearance of the light.
Silicone stoppers were used to fasten Bridge to branches. To test the strength of the stopper, a prototype was built. 
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